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Paragliding:Paragliding is the most pure form of flying. By using the elements and rising currents of warm air, you can stay aloft for many hours and travel many miles. The pilot sits in a harness suspended below a fabric wing, whose shape is formed by the pressure of air entering vents in the front of the wing. MORE>>>

Hang Gliding is both recreational and competitive. hang gliding has evolved the ability to soar for hours, gain thousands of feet of altitude in thermal updrafts, and fly cross country over large distances. The sport is closely related to gliding (flying sailplanes) but using a much simpler and less expensive craft consisting of an aluminum- or composite-framed fabric wing, with the pilot mounted on a harness hanging from the wing frame and exercising control by shifting body weight. MORE>>> .....
Parasailing: Parasailing also known as parascending, is among the safer adventure sports. You are securely harnassed to a parasail, wich is a modified parachute and towed up by a boat or jeep. MORE>>>
The activity is primarily an amusement ride, not to be confused with the sport of paragliding.

Hot Air Balooning: A hot air balloon consists of a bag called the envelope that is capable of containing hot air. Suspended beneath is the gondola or wicker basket which carries a source of heat capable of producing a sufficient temperature gradient between the air inside the envelope and the surrounding air mass to give enough lift to keep the balloon and its passengers aloft. In today's sports balloons the envelope is generally made from nylon fabric and the mouth of the balloon is made from fire resistant material such as Nomex.MORE>>> ..........
Gliding : (also known as soaring) is a recreational activity and competitive sport in which pilots fly un-powered aircraft known as gliders or sailplanes. Properly, the term gliding refers to descending flight of a heavier-than-air craft, whereas soaring is the correct term to use when the craft gains altitude or speed from rising air. more>>

Microlights/ Flying: During the late 1970s and early 1980s, many people sought to be able to fly affordably. As a result, many aviation authorities set up definitions of lightweight, slow-flying aeroplanes that could be subject to minimum regulation. The resulting aeroplanes are commonly called "ultralight" or "microlight". MORE>>


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Sky Diving this is the only extreme sport which does not requrie any special physical fitness or age limit. We are unfortunate that we dont have any official civilian dropzone in India but There are 2 organisations which conduct skydiving here IPF and PAI. IPF and PAI both chartges 12,500 for the first jump course... subsiquent jump 6000 rs

Indian Parachuting Federation (IPF) is a National Level Sports Federation with its aim to broad base and promote Sports Parachuting, related aerosports and adventure activities India and Abroad.IPF usually conducts at Dessa gujarat. http://www.parachuting.in/

Skydiving at pant nagar September14 - 15 '08
next Feb/Mar '09
14Sep Sunday ground class and 15 sep monday. static line solo jump from 4000 ft.... at the end of the ground class one has pas written and practical exams.. if some one fails.. no money will be charged for the ground class.. 12,500 rs will cover only ground class and one jump acommodation and transport from delhi has to be bourne by by studnts... contact me at-hanuman_skydiving@yahoo.comskydiving at pant nagar... first jump course costs 6000-7000 inclusive of the jump... previous course info http://www.ambergroupindia.com/news.html
instructors: United states parachute association and australian parachuting federation rated

Santosh conducs courses at Pant nagar....works as instructor at a sydney skydiving center... usually its 1 day ground class on friday after passing written and practical you can go for jump.... all solo jumps will be carried out from 4000 ft... i also do tandem jumps which costs 15,500 rs from a height of 8000 ft...ground training involves 10 min...


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Flying North India
14 days Oct 6th - 19th
all inclusive
Pilots: Min 5 Max 10

Alaknanda River Rafting Expedition
Sep 28-Oct 02- Oct 20-24,

Busting Cloudbase Tandem Flights
Sept - Nov |3 days Rs15,000 all inclusive
Single flights Rs2500

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