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Ballooning in INDIA

Not as widespred as it should be, probably because of the airspace ristrictions in India. Mostly teethered joy rides (The balloon is anchored with ropes and rises with passenger's upto a height of approx 200ft). Some cross country flying during the winter months. A 'balloon mela' festival is organized in Delhi every year and anyone can take a joy ride there. The Ballooning Club in India organizes numerous international balloon festivals and demonstration flights annually.

Only teethered balloon flights are being permitted currently due to security reasons.

There are some operators providing baloon rides in Solang Valley & manali areas, near the Taj at agra and at the big Rajasthan fairs like the pushkar mela.

Except the monsoon anytime the weather is good & not too windy.

.There are ballooning clubs in Guwahati, Dehradun, Bangalore, Delhi and Jaipur who are actively promoting the sport
Balloon Ride near The Taj Mahal:

Balloon cum camel and jeep dessert safari

Ballooning In Rajasthan

Custom Ballooning Tours


The Balloon Club of India,
8 - B Bahadurshah Zafar Marg
New Delhi - 110 002
Tel: 91 - 11- 2371 6665
Fax: 91 - 11 - 2371 7947



About Hot air Balooning

About 50,000 cubic feet of hot air fills a giant nylon balloon to which a basket is attached. Hot air ballooning is becoming a great adventure option in India. To learn to pilot a hot-air balloon you need to be at least 16 years of age and physically fit. Depending on how quickly you master it, training takes three to six months.

The first ever hot-air balloon took to the sky in 1783. However, with the advent of air planes, flights 'by lighter-than-air' machines went out of fashion until it was revived in the last century as an adventure sport.

The best time to indulge in ballooning is after sunrise when the winds are at their calmest. Winter months provide the most reliable conditions, but during summer it is better to take off early in the morning. The duration of ballooning flight can change at the pilot's discretion, taking into account the winds, temperature and weight carried on the day.

A balloon can move as fast as the wind blows, but high wind landings always require skill and experience. The passenger capacity depends on the size of the balloon, but usually it varies from 2 in sport balloons and up to 12 people in passenger balloons. The balloon crew tracks the flight and are usually there when the balloon lands.

There are no seats in the basket - therefore, standing for the duration of the flight, about an hour is unavoidable. The walls of the baskets are usually four feet high. Adults should accompany children under 12 years.

Clothing should be exactly the way you wear during a hiking trip that includes sturdy shoes or boots plus sunglasses, gloves and a cap. Remember, it does not get any colder in the balloon than on the ground. Always bring an extra film for photography. A balloon can rise up to 800 feet and above, while joyrides for groups may be restricted to heights between 200 and 500 feet.
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Balloon Ride Near The Taj Mahal

A sunset hot air baloon flight over the Taj is one of those once-in-a -lifetime things. Seeing the Taj from up there is sure to bring out the romantic side of anyone. Unfortunately nowadays only teethered flights are allowed due to security reasons but even that is awesome experience.
This package entirely depends upon the group size. So it can range from $100-$600 (approximately Rs 4,624 to Rs 27,779 per person).
This trip needs time for Govt. clearences.

when anytime |category easy|cost Rs 4,624 |days 1| feedback

Ballooning In Rajasthan
The undulating sand dunes are ideal for ballooning buffs. People can even travel short distances between towns or historic resorts in these hot air balloons. The best attraction, of course, is to coast over fairs as Pushkar, or Beneshwar or Nagaur in a hot-air balloon.
when anytime |category easy|cost Rs 4,624 |days 1| feedback

Balloon cum camel and jeep dessert safari
Balloon cum camel cum Jeep Safari: Can be operated in the same deserts near Waterbanks or the sanddunes of Samode or Jaisalmer. In the Rajasthan desert for groups or at Water Banks Island Resort near Delhi. Prices:on request Ideal for ages : 4 - 60 . Add to WISHLIST

Tethered : Rs. 4
5000 to 65000 per day.(4-5 hrs) B) Free Flight: Rs. 25000 per hour. Note :Transportation for outstation /lodging/boarding extra
when anytime |category easy|cost Rs 4,624 |days 1| feedback

Ballooning Tours
We can provide customized trips for special intrest groups We have 2 balloons with capacities of 3 - 4 passengers and one pilot. The Balloon flies on the principle of hot air inside and cold air outside. We operate two types of flights : (A) . (B) Free : The balloon flies like an aircraft with the wind and can go up to heights from 1000ft to 10000fA) Tethered : Rs. 45000 to 65000 per day.(4-5 hrs) B) Free Flight: Rs. 25000 per hour. Note :Transportation for outstation /lodging/boarding extra.
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