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tbaWe are happy to organise Specialised Photography tours tailor made to the requirememts of guests.

We will ensure all necessary permits and paper work are taken care of for special photography oriented tours in India, Nepal, Bhutan and Tibet - both Still photography and Video shoots.

Our guides will accompany the photographers and their local knowledge of the area and people will come in useful, whether you want to document portraits and lifesyles or monuments and landscapes.

Please contact us here for details and to discuss options for Tailor - Made Photography tours.

Some exciting areas - The Hill Tribes of Arunachal Pradesh , Barren landscapes of Ladakh , Colourful costumes and magnificent monuments of Rajasthan and Gujarat , Remote monasteries in Tibet ... the list goes on...

The Hill Tribes of Arunachal Pradesh Tour
Tribal Orissa Tour



Adventure Travel Photography Workshop

Sanjeev and adventure, when put together make for a very photogenic experience. This exciting workshop will hone your adventure travel photography skills via hands-on experience while rafting down the Zanskar. We will explore how to create exciting landscapes, photograph people in the outdoors, the tools and equipment involved, basic lighting skills with reflectors and fill flash, drawing the viewer into the image with remote camera techniques and capturing the action of a river trip. Michael's workshop concentrates on anticipating and creating powerful adventure images. The goal is to get everyone thinking about how they can make a good image even better and then pursuing that image.
Students will be pushed to get creative with angles, lighting, and composition as well as capturing the intensity and subtle beauty of the adventures we experience while on the river. Sanjeev will also delve into career development and all that entails if participants are interested.

This workshop is for photographers of all abilities who are interested in invigorating their adventure travel photography. No previous outdoor adventure experience is required for this workshop.

Both film and/or digital cameras are acceptable for this workshop. Students using digital cameras will need to bring a backup storage device to store their images on or enough memory cards to get them through the three-day workshop. A 35mm SLR camera, either digital or film is recommended though point and shoots that can be controlled manually are also acceptable.
Sanjeev is an internationally published outdoor photographer specializing in adventure sports, travel, and landscape photography. His editorial and corporate clients have included National Geographic, Sports Illustrated, Outside, Men's Journal, Outdoor Photographer, Climbing, Patagonia, Pfizer, Nike, Nikon, and DuPont, to name just a few. He has risked life and limb on a variety of assignments to bring back stunning images of rock climbers, mountaineers, kayakers, and mountain bikers pushing their sports to the limit in remote locations around the world.
He was featured in Outdoor Photographer (September 2001) for his work with extreme sports.

This three day photographic adventure includes:
* Professional, hands-on instruction by Sanjeev
* All guides, river equipment, waterproof bags, tents and meals
* Transportation to and from the river



a deep insight into this vanishing culture...
The Tribal belt of Himachal has numerous beautiful Monasteries which are the source of rich religious literature as well as grand show of the architectural splendour.
1)Ki-Monastery, Spiti: Perched on a hilltop this 3-storey structure belonging to Gelukpa order of Buddhism was believed to be constructed in 14centuary. It is a labrinth of rooms & corridors having a TREASURE OF LITERATURE. Each of its FIVE TEMPLES has a statue of Buddha. The walls of the Gompa are PAINTED WITH SCENES inspired from Jataka themes. Situated at an altitude of 4116mt, the monastery is 12km from Kaza, 425km from Shimla. It is 3km above Ki village & just 11km from Kibber, the highest village of the world. It can be approached via Shimla-Kinnaur-Kaza which is normally open throughout the year.
2)Tabo Monastery, Spiti: Termed as the AJANTA OF HIMALAYAS due to its splendid wall paintings, it is a world heritage site of UNESCO located on the bank of Spiti river. This largest Monasteric complex houses SEVEN large & small temples. Its hall with COLORFUL PAINTINGS in rich Indian & Central Tibetan styles are worth watching. It has caves & a mummified body of a lama. Tabo at 3050mt is about 47km from Kaza. The route is as in Ki-monastery.
3)Dhankar Monastery, Spiti: This monastery meaning precipitious CLIFF SHELTERS dominates the Spiti valley resting on a high cliff offering an example of local architecture. Once the residence of ruler of Spiti this was plundered various times by aggressors. It has two temples & is a repository of BUDDHIST SCRIPTURES. It is about 24km from Kaza & 8km steep climb from Shilling village on Tabo-Kaza highway..
4)Nako Monastery, Kinnaur: Believed to be founded in 1025 AD this is the main center of pilgrimage in Nako village in Kinnaur. Its temples are decorated with MURALS & STUCCOS & walls are full of Tibetan inscriptions. At 2950mt, this is 107km from Recongpeo 33km from Pooh & km from Shimla. The route is Shimla-Recongpeo-Pooh-Nako village.
5)Gurughantal Monastery, Lahaul: Situated on the confluence of rivers CHANDRA & BHAGA, this is the OLDEST monastery of Lahaul dedicated to PADMASAMBAVA & BAJRESHWARI Devi. Made of wood with pyramidal roofs & wood carvings, it houses an image of Buddha..GHANTAL festival is celebrated every year during full moon in June. At 3020mt, this is 8km from Keylong, 4km steep walk from Tupchilling, near Tandi. 6)Khardang Monastery, Lahaul: This multistoreyed building having four temples is the LARGEST MONASTERY of Lahaul on the banks of river Bhaga. It has rich collection of manuscripts, loose sheets in Tibetan language wrapped in silk handkerchiefs. At 4575mt, it is 8km from keylong town located on Manali-Leh highway.
7) Shasur Monastery, Lahaul: This 3-storey building containing numerous wall painting & a 4.5m THAGKA(wall painting), is renowned for SHASUR TSESHE festival held every June/July where CHAAM (evil dance) is performed. It is situated on a hill behind Keylong (3km). Route is as in Khardang(6) 8) Namgyal Monastery, Dharamsala: Residence of Dalai Lama, this is modest structure influenced by Tibet. It has large BRONZE IMAGES OF BUDDHA, Rimpoche , Rows of prayer wheels & Rich collection of teachings of Buddha,Art,Literature,Astrology & Medicine.It is situated in McLeodganj which is 10km from Dharamsala


Ladakh, the land of High Passes is often named as MINI-TIBET of INDIA & has large numer of beautiful Monasteries besides numerous Trekking Routes,remotely located High-Altitude Lakes,lush Valleys,immensely rich & diverse high-altitude Wildlife. Below are a few beautiful Gompas/Monasteries of this amazing and mysterious land of high passes. 1) Namgyal Tsemo Gompa, Leh: Built in 1430, this gompa contains a fine three-storey high Buddha image, ancient manuscripts and frescoes. The fort above the Tsemo Gompa is ruined, but the views of Leh from here among the fluttering prayer flags are superb. The steep path starts from the road to the Leh palace.
2) Soma Gompa, Leh: This gompa is Leh's modern center of Buddhism and headquarters of the Ladakh Buddhist Association. It has the usual gompa features, including a library and notice board displaying articles on Buddhist persecution, both in other parts of Jammu & Kashmir, and in Tibet.It is located near the main market of the town.
3)Sankar Gompa, Leh : This gompa is situated north of the town center,&is an easy 2km walke through pleasant country lanes. It's a busy little Gelukpa order monastery, and the upstairs part of the Gompa has an impressive representation of the Buddhist deity of Compassion, Avalokitesvara (or chenrezig; one of Buddha's most important disciples), complete with 1000 arms and 1000 heads.
4) Spituk, Leh: Proud on a hilltop above the Indus river and only 8km from Leh stands this Gompa. This was built in the 15th century by the Gelukpa order. It is situated near the military airport. The two prayer rooms have some nice Buddha statues, unveiled only once a year during the Gu-stor Festival. Spituk is the main trailhead for the seven-day Markha Valley trek to Hemis.
5) Likir Gompa: The magnificent and less-visited gompa, known as Klu-kkhyil Gompa (klu-kkhyil means 'water spirit'), was founded in the 11th century and was the first in Ladakh known to have been built by Tibetan monks. The present gompa was rebuilt in the 18th century and rededicated to the Gelukpa order. Unusual for Ladakhi gompas is the external 25m-high Maitreya statue that dominates its setting. It has a small museum containing various Tibetan culture, martial and religious artefacts, some 300 to 400 years old. There's an interesting Dosmoche festival held here every February. The Gompa is about a 30-minute walk across the fields.
6) Thiksey Gompa: About 17km south of Leh, this beautiful Gelukpa gompa is the best and probably the most popular place near Leh to observe a puja ( prayers). It is advisable to come early in the morning and sit quietly at the back or make your way to the roof to see the monks blowing the gigantic Tibetan horns for prayer time. The roof also provides some of the best views of the Indus Valley in Ladakh. Inside is a separate temple with a two-storey Maitreya. You enter the top floor to be immediatly captivated by a large golden head with a smile of inner knowledge. The gompa has some excellent artworks.From the bus stop it's a 2km walk uphill to the gompa.
7) Matho Gompa: Built in the 16th century under the Sakya order, this gompa holds an annual Matho Nagrang oracle festival in which monks go into trances and inflict wounds on themselves which appear to leave no marks. Only men are allowed to visit the dark and mysterious rooms in which they prepare with two months of meditation.
8) Taktok Gompa: With at least five different spelling, Taktok is the only gompa in the upper Indus Valley belonging to the Nyingmapa order. It is built around a cave above the village of Sakti; the initial date of construction is unclear but there have been subsequent additions. The frescoes have been damaged over the years but there are some intricate rugs and painting to see. Taktok is a little difficult to get to and not on the usual 'gompa trail'. A return taxi from Leh costs Rs.1000.
9) Stakna Gompa: The gompa at Stakna, meaning 'Tiger's Nose', is set spectacularly on the Hemis side of the Indus River.It was built by King Singge Namgyal's stepbrother, as part of the Brokpa order, it can be combined with a trip to Matho.If you're coming by bus get off at the sign by the road to the gompa. Cross the bridge& walk for 30 minutes across the shade-less fields and up the steep path.
10) Hemis Gompa: Also known as Chan-Chub-Sam-Ling (or Lone place of the Compassionate Person), Hemis Gompa,45km south of Leh, belongs to the Brokpa order and was founded in the early 17th century. It is now one of the most accessible, famous and visited Gompas. This Gompa has well-preserved frescoes showing Kashmiri influence, a three-storey statue of the renowned sage Padmasambhava and the largest Thangka in Ladakh,12m long and four storeys high. The famous annual Tse-Chu festival commemorating Padmasambhava's birth held here. The great Thangka is only unfurled once every 12 years-its next outing isn't until 2016. There are no guesthouses in the village but you can book camping (tent Rs. 75 per person) through the outdoor restaurant next to the Gompa entrance.
11) Karsha Monastery, Zanskar: Like a smear of whitewash against red ochre mountains, Karsha Monastery is a jumble of buildings visible from PADUM on the opposite side of the river. It's Zanskar's largest monastery, founded around the 10th century. Several prayer halls have been renovated in recent years and are covered with Glorious Murals.The Monastery is a good two-hour walk from Padum There are strong winds in the afternoon, so walk in the morning. By road it's more of the diversion, backtracking 8km to the vehicle bridge at Tungri to the narrow road across the river. There's no formal transportation Beter make your own arrangements.
12) Phugtal Monastery, Zanskar: Clinging to the side of the vertical gorge, Phugtal must surely be one of India's most impressively sited Monasteries, and certainly one of the most isolated. Phugtal means 'Through the Cave', and that's how the monastery appears. It is built out of a large cave that contains a natural spring renowned for its healing properties. I t is 700 years old and contains Frescoes similar in style to those at Alchi. The great reward of Phugtal's location is getting there. It can only be reached by walking - the best way is as part of the Padum to Darcha trek.



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