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Freyas solo laddakh trip

14th 16th July 2006 The way it all started

A couple of years ago I went on my first solo ride and got a first hand taste of India; I was hooked. This is what I wanted to do, see the really India. Not the big cities but little villages. Not the touristy places but the unheard of, hidden places. Not the big famous city people but the simple unknown village folk. I started looking for ways to travel with out having a job, which of course meant that money became the big question and this question remained for a while. In the course of time circumstances and situations changed and I realized that maybe seeing all of India would be asking for too much, however the drive to see the country of my birth was still strong. A lifetime would not be enough to experience the whole of India so I decided to see it in parts as and when I could. Some friends and I started to plan for Ladakh in 2006, slowly the route formed and lists followed. But this would not be that easy, slowly but steadily friends started dropping out until soon there was just Ajay and me left. Ajay is a close friend I had first met on my Kutch ride in 2004. He is from Gandhidham in Gujarat. We had a lot in common and became fast friends on the ride. Around the time, the planning was in progress, I had another idea, I decided to go on a saving spree for 5-6 months then quit work and travel as much as I could with the money saved, the day I ran out I would return home. So then Ajay and I started planning for that, as after Ladakh he would return home and I would move on to see Rajasthan and Gujarat. But this was not to be either and Ajay dropped out too. I had done quite a bit of planning by now and more importantly dreaming, and this was a dream I wasn't ready to let go off. I decided to go for it anyway, even if alone. Friends were appalled and advised against going solo, swayed by the persistent attempts I started to look for others going to Ladakh too. Some seemed to fit my timelines and dates but I guess I was destined to do this myself and it didn't work out. When the last friend dropped out three weeks before we were scheduled to leave I had had enough. I was going and going alone. I was on my way to book tickets when I dropped in at 'Get off ur Ass', a store run by a friend Sam. He told me about some of our common friends going to the Lahaul and Spiti Valley in Himachal Pradesh. Sam suggested starting off with that and then just heading on to Ladakh, I wasn't very convinced and he pushed me into at least calling up and checking for details. So, that was what I did, I called up Prashanth and soon found myself booking my ticket for Delhi on the 14 th, a week earlier then planned. I would now be doing Lahaul and Spiti valley with friends from RTMC (Rolling Thunder Motorcycle Club) the Bangalore Bullet club I was a part of.

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